Pleated Blinds

Pleated Blinds are a modern way to keep sun and heat at bay. They are suitable for all types of windows, and are ideal for tilt/turn windows or the popular bi-fold doors due to the slim rail profile most Pleated Blinds are manufactured with.

The fabrics come in a wide choice of colours, designs and styles, and are available with a variety of different operating methods to suit your requirements.

Most fabrics have a reflective backing to give excellent solar control, keeping your rooms cool in the the summer and warm in the winter. Blackout fabrics are also available, however for this application the honeycomb pleated fabric range is a better option as there are no visible punch holes in the material. Honeycomb fabrics also have excellent thermal properties, not only to keep out the heat in the summer, but more importantly to help insulate your home in the winter.


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