Press Release


18th January 2013

New for 2013 - Lumera, the next generation awning fabric

As your local distributor of Caribbean Quality Awnings, we are excited to be able to offer you for 2013 the newest generation of awning fabrics, Lumera.

Lumera is an advanced awning fabric, has truer colours with improved dirt & water repellency and gives an overall better look when under tension. The unique feature of Lumera is CBA, which stands for CLEAN BRILLIANT ACRYLIC making Lumera fabric by Sattler best in its class.

The CBA fibre is manufactured using a special process which eliminates the ‘fluff’ from the acrylic yarn giving an incredibly smooth fibre that has many additional benefits.

The fabric has a unique TEXgard easy clean coating, which prevents dirt and water from clinging to the fabric and creates a self cleaning effect. Loose dirt will still accumulate on the surface but when it rains the dirt simply runs off leaving a clean, dry fabric. Also the tighter weave, coupled with the TEXgard coating gives the fabric a water column similar to that of a marine boat cover, demonstrating the superior qualities of this fabric.

An added benefit of the tighter Lumera fabric weave is that it helps block even more solar heat radiation than conventional acrylic fabrics. This leads to a better protected area under the awning and in turn helps to keep any rooms that are being shaded cooler.

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