Awnings & Canopies

We are your approved local distributor of Caribbean Quality Awnings.
There are tens of thousands of Caribbean Quality Awnings installed throughtout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales that adorn the façades of all types of properties. With an extensive range of systems, mounting brackets, colour-ways and accessories to choose from there is a Caribbean Quality Awning to cater for every application and requirement. Whether you're looking to simply provide some internal shading or a complete new sheltered outdoor area there is a Caribbean Quality Awning for you.

Awning and Canopy Systems

The Systems
Our folding arm awnings are constructed from powder coated, corrosion resistant, extruded aluminium frameworks and stainless steel components for durability and longevity. Galvanised steel fabric barrels with pvc coated support profiles do not warp or deflect ensuring the fabric always rolls correctly.

Heavy duty twin spring arms tensioned via tear resistant stainless steel cables keep the fabric taut at every position, whilst full cassette casings protect the fabric and operating mechanism from all types of inclement weather when the awning is retracted away. No maintenance is required - you only need to wipe over the framework to keep your awning looking like new.

Awning and Canopy Fabrics

The Fabrics
Our awnings are available with the latest Acrylic fabric, Lumera. Lumera is an advanced awning fabric, has truer colours with improved dirt & water repellency and gives an overall better look when under tension. The unique feature of Lumera is CBA, which stands for CLEAN BRILLIANT ACRYLIC making Lumera fabric by Sattler best in its class.

The CBA fibre is manufactured using a special process which eliminates the ‘fluff’ from the acrylic yarn giving an incredibly smooth fibre that has many additional benefits.

The fabric has a unique TEXgard easy clean coating, which prevents dirt and water from clinging to the fabric and creates a self cleaning effect. Loose dirt will still accumulate on the surface but when it rains the dirt simply runs off leaving a clean, dry fabric. Also the tighter weave, coupled with the TEXgard coating gives the fabric a water column similar to that of a marine boat cover, demonstrating the superior qualities of this fabric.

An added benefit of the tighter Lumera fabric weave is that it helps block even more solar heat radiation than conventional acrylic fabrics. This leads to a better protected area under the awning and in turn helps to keep any rooms that are being shaded cooler.

Awning and Canopy Motors and Controls

The Motors & Controls
Effortlessly extend and retract your awning at the touch of a button with the addition of a Somfy motor and remote control.

Smooth, quiet and reliable, these motors will maximise the use of your awning all year round. With radio technology and an automatic rolling code, you will be able to operate your awning from up to 200m away, and with the addition of a light and wind sensor, your awning will be able to think for itself - extending when a set light level is reached and retracting when strong winds pick up.

Popular Models

tortola awning

An end fix, fully cassetted awning
The modern rugby ball shape style of the Tortola makes it suitable for many applications, especially those where there is limited mounting space. The full cassette casing ensurs the fabric and components are protected from all types of inclement weather when closed away.

There is a choice of 2 standard hardware colours: White or Brown. Width: up to 5.5m   Projection: up to 3m.

bahamas awning

The ultimate awning
The unique design and slim measurements of the Bahamas make this awning suitable for all applications. The Bahamas is built round a substantial extruded aluminium back which offers for multiple brackets and fixing points to be positioned throughout therefore ensuring a sound installation to any structure. The elegantly finished, flush fitting full cassette casing ensures the fabric and components are protected from all types of inclement weather and insects when closed away.

There is a choice of 3 standard hardware colours: White, Brown or Black. Width: up to 13m   Projection: up to 3.75m.

jamaican awning

The Jamaican Window Canopy is a great cost effective way to add a splash of colour and new dimension to your façade. Your adjoining internal room will also benefit as it will remain cool and pleasant all year round, the glare will be cut out from the sun and your view will be retained. The Jamaican Window Canopy is available in many different shapes to suit all tastes and requirements and comes in the same great selection of hardwearing, durable acrylics as the range of awnings. The Jamaican Window Canopy is constructed from a lightweight yet robust white extruded aluminium framework with white glass filled nylon adaptors. An optional protective coverboard is available to help protect the material from inclement weather when the canopy is retracted.

Width: up to 6m   Projection: up to 1.5m   Operation: Cord, gear, electric or fully automatic.

Reduce your carbon footprint by installing Caribbean Quality Canopies.